Best Home Gym Consumer Reports – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Buying a home gym allows you to workout in the comfort of your own home. You can enjoy diverse workouts in a home gym, targeting every major muscle group of your body.

Another advantage of having a home gym is that you don’t need professional help while working out, hence letting you only focus on the exercises. Home gyms are mostly made of durable steel, which allows them to last a lifetime even when they are extensively used by people on a daily basis.

There is no need to pay for expensive gym memberships and waste time traveling from home or office to the gym just to workout when you can buy a home gym to workout at the time of your choice.

To buy one, you can take a look at reviews of the best home gym consumer reports that include reviews of 10 top-rated home gyms available on the market.

10 Best Home Gyms – Detailed Reviews
1. Marcy Pro Smith Machine Weight Bench Home Gym Total Body Workout Training System SM-4903

Get this home gym system that allows you to target different parts of your body without switching between different workout stations.

This home gym comes with different strength-building machines, which include a squat rack, utility bench, and power tower. You will also get a dedicated landmine exercise attachment in the package.

You can try various crossover workouts in this gym system, thanks to the inclusion of a durable pulley system. The company has used heavy-duty tubular steel to construct this home gym, which is then powder coated for added strength and elegance.

The home gym comes with a high-functioning bench that incorporates an adjustable seat and back pad to let you enjoy a wide range of exercises easily that include, sit-ups, bench dips, shoulder press, biceps curl, triceps extension, and dumbbell press, etc.

For upper body exercises, the company has added multi-grip pull-up bars, which allow you to do pull-ups, chin-ups and leg raises. You can also attach resistance bands to those pull-up bars.

The home gym features bar holders and weight plate posts to keep things organized after the workout session. The bench comes with transport wheels that make it easier to move it from one room to another.

2. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

What makes this home gym excellent is its ability to help you perform more than 60 exercises. You will get 7 trainer-built workout regimens in the package for absolutely free, thus helping you properly target your body muscles.

The home gym features a power rod resistance that weighs 210lbs, but you can upgrade it to 310lbs or 410lbs. The seat rail included in the home gym is slidable, thus letting you perform leg presses and aerobic rowing.

You can customize your workout session in this home gym, thanks to the inclusion of multiple cable/pulley positions. With this home gym, you will also get a squat bar, lat bar, ankle cuffs, and triple function hand-grip.

The bench included in the package is foldable, plus it comes with wheels for easy maneuvering. This is a versatile home gym that will definitely attract workout freaks.

3. Total Gym XLS Universal Total Body Training Home Gym Workout Machine With Squat Stand

Here is another highly capable home gym, which is coming from the house of Total Gym, a company known for its incredible line of fitness machines and equipment.

This home gym is capable of handling 80+ exercises, thanks to 6 levels of resistance. The maximum weight carrying capacity of this home gym is 400lbs.

With this home gym, you can target a wide range of muscle groups that include cardio, stretching, and strength training.

As far as accessories are concerned, then you will get a training deck, leg pull accessory with a couple of ankle cuffs, wing attachment, ribbed squat stand, meal planning guide, and exercise wall chart.

The company gives you free access to workout videos from Total Gym TV to help you gain fitness more effectively.

The home gym reaches your house fully assembled, so you don’t have to indulge in the assembling process. Moreover, storing this home gym is a breeze too.

4. Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System With Linear Bearing

Have a look at this home gym that is made of a heavy-duty steel frame, which is reinforced with a powder-coated finish that adds durability to the overall structure.

The tensile strength of this home gym is around 2,000lbs, which ensures longevity even after intense use regularly.

The home gym is designed with dual action press arms, which allow you to perform several exercises focusing on your arms and chest along with developing your biceps, triceps, pectorals, and other muscle groups.

This home gym allows you to engage in intense strength training or weightlifting, thanks to the inclusion of 6 weight plate pegs integrated into the frame.

These plate pegs also help you keep things organized for quick and easy accessibility. You will enjoy a complete body workout in this home gym without having to switch between gym equipment.

5. Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-Station Selectorized Gym For Light Commercial And Home Gym

Body-Solid brings to you a multi-station selectorized gym to enjoy a comprehensive workout in the comfort of your home. This home gym offers commercial level strength training for up to 3 individuals simultaneously.

Equipped with 7 stations including leg press, multi-press, ab crunch, lat pulldown, pec station, low pulley station, and leg extension, you can target almost all muscle groups in this workout station.

You will also get 210 lbs alloy weight stacks to keep things organized for quick accessibility. The overall weight of the home gym is 947lbs, which is normal considering it will help you target all muscle groups.

Make sure to drink black coffee before starting the workout session, as it is one of the most effective pre-workout drinks that is recommended by fitness experts and even doctors. Prepare a rich and aromatic cup of coffee in the best single serve coffee maker.

6. Bowflex Xceed Home Gym 100382

Have a look at this compact home gym, which allows you to perform more than 65 exercises in the comfort of your home.

The home gym comes with Bowflex Power Rods, which provide a broad range of resistance, starting from 5 lbs and going up to 210 lbs.

The home gym features a durable lat tower that incorporates an angled lat bar, this home gym allows you to build your back and shoulder muscles quickly, provided you follow a disciplined routine.

The leg curl attachment also known as leg extension included in the home gym can be easily removed to help you perform squats. The maximum resistance of the home gym is 210 lbs, but you can upgrade it to 310 lbs as well.

7. Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym

We have one more home gym from Marcy, which boasts steel construction. The company has used a 14-gauge steel tube frame, which is coated with vinyl to make the overall structure more durable.

The home gym weighs 150 lbs, but it can support users weighing up to 300 lbs. You will like the inclusion of double pulley stations, thanks to two separate lateral bars, so you get different options to strengthen your muscles.

The home gym features a bicep pad as well, which you can adjust according to your comfort level. You can either pump your bicep muscles or use the pad with a lower pulley in a seated position.

The company has incorporated a dual function press arm into the home gym, which has two settings, chest press, and vertical butterfly, where the former is used for pumping chest muscles by inserting a pin while the latter allows the press to swing individually to strengthen the muscles

8. Gold's Gym XRS 50 Home Gym System

This is among the most durable home gym systems available on the list, which allows you to perform a wide range of exercises with ease.

The company has used industrial-grade steel to manufacture this home gym, which allows it to last for years to come.

The home gym comes with a combination of chest press and fly station, so you can use the high pulley to sculpt lats and back muscles whereas the low pulley can be used to tone leg muscles and glutes.

Equipped with sewn vinyl seats along with a multi-grip lat bar, the home gym provides you with a comfortable and safe environment to workout.

The home gym offers resistance as high as 280 lbs, which makes it ideal for those looking to engage in tough workout sessions. The durable construction of the home gym allows it to accommodate a user’s weight of up to 300 lbs.

You will get a 90-day warranty on this home gym that covers all manufacturing defects along with an exercise chart that has been designed by a certified personal trainer.

9. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR1000 is one of the most popular home gyms available on the market today. It allows you to perform more than 25 exercises, covering almost every part of your body.

The home gym has more than 200 lbs of power rod resistance, thus letting you indulge in exhausting workout sessions. You can easily change the angle of resistance, thanks to multiple cable pulley positions, which results in increased effectiveness while doing several exercises.

The bench included in the home gym can be switched into a rolling seat to let you enjoy aerobic rowing. The bench can be folded vertically, hence maximizing your gym space. The home gym also features a new integrated device holder where you can keep your smartphone.

10. Marcy Smith Cage Machine With Workout Bench And Weight Bar Home Gym Equipment SM-4008

Marcy has unveiled an all-in-one gym station that allows users to perform several types of exercises for targeting different body muscles. This home gym features a pull-up bar, leg developer, smith machine, and cable crossovers.

The smith-style press bar and cable crossovers allow you to develop your upper body muscles, whereas the leg developer can be used to strengthen the lower body muscles.

If you are looking to work on your chest and shoulder muscles, then you can do crossover workouts on this home gym using the steel aircraft cable system, cross pulleys, and pull-up bars.

For legs and thighs, you can use the bottom pulley and leg developer for targeting hamstring, glutes, and quads. A utility bench is included in the package that helps you perform a gamut of strength exercises.

The bench boasts a padded seat that you can fully adjust in different positions. The company has taken care of the security aspect, which is why you will see adjustable safety stops and bar catches on the smith-style press bar.

You can keep things organized in this home gym, thanks to the inclusion of four storage posts, which help keep the weight plates in one spot.

Other features of the home gym include an adjustable back pad for amazing back support and a footplate that you can pair with the bottom pulley to prevent any injury to your body and damage to the home gym.

The only downside to this home gym is that it needs ample space, but features a wide walk-in design to prevent injuries.


No matter what your budget is, you can get the exercise you need without a gym membership. Buying a home gym makes more sense today than ever before because of the global pandemic situation. Although things have started getting better, people are still hesitant about going out and working out among others.

You can save a lot of money by getting a home gym, so don’t delay your decision and get one from the aforementioned list of 10 best home gym consumer reports. Place your order today!

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