Best Toilet Paper Consumer Ratings & Reports

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Going to a toilet and seeing no toilet paper can be very stressful. For many, it is very hard to imagine life without toilet paper because they need to maintain proper hygiene at all times.

An average American uses 141 rolls of toilet paper every year, which is equivalent to 28 lbs of tissue paper. Therefore, you can imagine to what extent this product is being used in the country.

If you have run out of toilet paper, then you should immediately place your order for the best toilet paper. 

To help you choose the right product, here are the reviews of the 10 best toilet paper consumer reports. Your best toilet needs the best toilet paper, so make sure you always have one.

Reviews Of 10 Best Toilet Papers
1. Amazon Brand Presto 308 Sheet Mega Roll Toilet Paper

It may look like any other toilet paper available on the market, but it’s not. This toilet paper is made of special pulp obtained from managed forests and controlled sources.

Each toilet paper roll is made of 308 2-ply sheets, which can easily absorb a good volume of liquid.

The package of 24 rolls, so when you order this product, you won’t be requiring toilet paper for a few months.

This toilet paper is also known for its incredible strength and density, which allows it to last for up to 4 times longer compared to other rolls.

This is one of the most user-friendly toilet papers that you can find, thanks to the ‘septic safe’ feature.

It also won’t block the toilet bowl, so you don’t have to call a plumber to clean clogged pipes.

The only downside to this toilet paper is that you may find it a bit harsh when using it for the first time, but you will get used to it.

2. Bounty Quick Size Paper Towels

If you order this toilet paper, then you will get 16 family rolls, which are equivalent to 40 regular toilet paper rolls. You are going to save significantly after buying this toilet paper from Bounty.

It will do the job with less wastage, thanks to its incredible absorbing capability. Each paper towel sheet can absorb up to 23ml of liquid, which shows how capable the toilet paper is.

The only drawback of this toilet paper is the use of rough material. Not everybody finds the material rough, but only those with extra sensitive skin.

3. Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper With Active Cleaning Ripples

Buy this toilet paper from Cottonelle, which contains 24 family-sized rolls with each roll having 388 sheets.

These 24 rolls are equal to 128 regular rolls so you can keep using this toilet paper package for months to come.

A notable feature of this toilet paper is that it is 3 times stronger and thicker compared to normal toilet paper rolls.

Not just that, but the toilet paper roll is twice as absorbent in comparison to a normal toilet paper roll.

The toilet paper contains a cleaning ripples texture, which removes more at once. You don’t have to worry about the disposal of this toilet paper, as it is made of biodegradable material, which includes water and renewable plant-based fibers.

Therefore, it won’t clog the toilet bowl. The toilet paper is septic-safe and sewer-safe as well.

The material used in this toilet paper is procured from responsibly managed forests. Therefore, you have no reason not to buy this toilet paper.

4. Solimo 2-Ply Toilet Paper

Check out this 2-ply toilet paper made by Solimo. You will get 30 rolls in the package with each roll having 350 2-ply sheets. The toilet paper is safe for standard sewer and septic systems.

The company has used pulp, which is responsibly sourced from trees. The company is so confident in its product that it is ready to refund 100% money in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

5. Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper

Charmin brings to you a soft toilet paper, which is extremely soft and cleans the skin gently yet efficiently.

The toilet paper has a unique cushiony touch, which many people like, especially the ones with extra-sensitive skin.

When you order this product, you will receive 24 Charmin Family Mega Roll, which is equal to 123 regular toilet paper rolls.

Along with those 24 rolls, you will get 12 Bounty Family rolls, which are equal to 30 regular rolls.

Therefore, you don’t have to buy toilet paper rolls for let’s say another 6 months.

Charmin toilet paper is going to ship separately from Bounty paper towels, so you shouldn’t expect toilet paper rolls from both companies in the same package.

6. Georgia Pacific Envision 2-Ply Embossed Toilet Paper

Georgia 2-Ply toilet paper is made with 100% recyclable material, which is certified by concerned government authorities.

The material used in this toilet paper is not too soft or hard, but it is just ideal for people with normal skin sensitivity.

For those having extra sensitive skin, the toilet paper may be cause rashes or redness, although there are fewer chances of it.

If you buy this toilet paper, then you don’t have to buy more for another month or two, as you will get a pack of 80 rolls.

Each roll is packed separately, so you can tear a pack, place the roll in the washroom and store the rest in a cupboard.

This toilet paper is septic-free, hence completely safe to dispose of in the toilet bowl.

7. Scott Essential High Capacity Hard Roll Paper towels

Have a look at this toilet paper, which comes in a pack of 6 rolls with each having a length of 1000 feet.

People who have been using Kimberly Clark Professional hard roll toilet paper dispenser for quite some time, then you will definitely like this toilet paper from Scott Essential, as it works well with that dispenser.

You can also use this toilet paper with any other dispenser.

With these paper towels, you won’t experience the problem of lack of maintenance or runout. This paper towel is highly absorbent, hence causing less wastage.

You can use this paper towel at home as well as office. The paper towel meets EPA minimum standards, which ensures it is completely safe to use.

8. Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch Toilet Paper

Charmin brings to you soft toilet paper, which cleans more efficiently than any other toilet paper available on the market.

You will like the washcloth-like texture of this toilet paper, which is soft to touch and cleans everything in the most efficient manner.

When you order this product, you will receive 24 Charmin Family Mega Roll, which is equal to 123 regular toilet paper rolls.

Along with those 24 rolls, you will get Bounty Family rolls, which are equal to 30 regular rolls. So, you don’t have to buy toilet paper rolls for let’s say another 6 months.

9. Seventh Generation Paper Towels

Seventh Generation brings to you nature-friendly paper towels, which are absorbent and durable. The paper towel is made from recycled paper, yet very soft and comfortable on the skin.

The company has used no dye, ink, or fragrance in the toilet paper, which makes it easier to compost it after use. The toilet paper has undergone stringent tests before being rolled out into the market.

The package will include 6 rolls of toilet paper, which you can use for a month or two, depending upon your family size and usage.

A completely safe product, you can even use this paper towel even if you have extra sensitive skin.

10. Scott Essential Professional Bulk Toilet Paper

We are going to end our list with another Scott Essential product, which comes in a pack of 80, so when you order this particular product, you don’t have to worry about buying paper towels for months to come.

Each roll consists of 500+ sheets in white color, which is ideal for the bathroom of any design and color.

The paper towel is made of a combination of ply, which adds durability to it along with making it absorbent.

The toilet paper is made completely from 100% recycled fiber, so if you were looking for an eco-friendly option, then here is one for you.

The toilet paper has been certified by EcoLogo, FSC, and EPA minimum standards, which shows how reliable the product really is.

Wrap Up

Now that you know about the best toilet paper rolls, you should place an order for multiple rolls of toilet paper according to your skin type. If you have extra sensitive skin, then make sure to buy toilet paper, which is soft and gentle to the touch.


The purpose of best toilet paper consumer reports was to make you aware of different types of toilet paper so that you can identify the most suitable for your needs and skin sensitivity.

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